24 hours for any final comments and new research available

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Three things:

1. Select Committee oral evidence. We have had additional comments and requests from a number of rural member and non-member organisations in advance of tomorrows EFRA Select Committee oral evidence session on rural tourism. I have more than enough to go at, especially since myself and the two other witnesses in tomorrow’s first of two 1 hour slot are answering question asked of us rather than just presenting our case.  Nonetheless any final critical points that you think I may missed or that needs highlighting post the first evidence session of 21 November (transcript and video here) then please let me know by email before 14:00 14 December.

2. International Brand Index. Last week Anolt-Gfk’s National Brand Index 2016 was released, which showed unprecedented movement in the normally relatively stable international reputation tables, reflecting a year of arguably unprecedented political, social and economic events that would logically impact on how various nations view other nations. I have yet to source the full document but for the purposes of destination management the headline detail contained in the press release should be more than adequate for what is otherwise a very high level strategic issue. Access the release here.

3. Latest research from VisitBritain. The latest VB Foresight report “Impact of exchange rates on tourism to Britain” can be found on the Britishdestination.net member’s protected page (item 3) at:  https://britishdestinations.net/members-area/content/visitbritain-november-2013-latest-edition-of-forsights-and-vb-trend-updates/


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