Board and Executive Minutes and GB Day Visitor Statistics published

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1. The latest joint Board and Executive Minutes from the late October meeting can now be accessed from the member’s only protected page at:

Forgotten the password, then email me.

2. Also I have belatedly added the Great Britain Day Visitors Survey 2015 (published in 2016) to the reports and statistics library:

3. Meanwhile Great Britain Day Visitor Statistics monthly figures for 2016, so far published up to November 2016 are showing high levels of growth and increasing expenditure during 2016.  Day-Visitors-Nov-2016. However, until the ongoing issues with Great Britain Tourism Statistics (staying trips and nights) is resolved we don’t have access to any comparable national domestic staying figures for 2016, so it remains difficult to assess how much, if any of this welcome additional growth in day trips, is attributable to displacement of short breaks and longer domestic holidays.

Caution is required because we know from repeated experience that the reaction to economic shock or major uncertainties include not only from our prospective welcome substitution of oversea trips for domestic holidays but also varying degrees of substitution of domestic short breaks and longer holidays for multiple day trips .  We need to be able to understand the totality of the story and not just headlines of one or more component part of the visitor economy. Hopefully the unfortunate glitch with GBTS 2016 figures, which it must be stressed is not of any of the  National Tourist Boards or the ONS Tourism Intelligence Unit’s making, will be resolved shortly.




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