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A reminder to all member destinations, to consider updating your own page of factual detail on our public facing website http://www.britishdestinations.co.uk.  Yes it is now a rather an old style website but, as one of the few with a mixed national spread of destinations, it still works remarkably well at both directing potential customers to your own websites and, if you have enabled the facility, generating a steady trickle of brochure requests throughout the year.  A flow which peaks in the first quarter, hence the reminder to update the detail now.

The site requires individual user names and passwords for each destination which are separate to that for corporate website britishdestinations.net.  There is a recovery facility, but failing that if you have forgotten the detail just email me.

The three areas which need attention are: your main page detail, the events section which is optional and the administrative section which holds the brochure fulfilment email address. If it is enabled then please do check the address is correct and functioning.

Any members who have not so far taken up the free page but now want to, should also contact me.  It takes a little time and effort to populate the page but thereafter it is just a case of an annual tweak.


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