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In late December Visit Britain/VisitEngland published the results of new research conducted during 2016 in 20 key markets.  Produced by Ipsos Connect it looks at the decision and influences for those visiting the UK. It has been posted within the VE Discover England Fund webpages (even though it has clear UK utility) and not to my knowledge at least had much promotion. At 115 pages it’s a big report and it looks daunting when first scanned as there is page upon page of tables and graphics. Don’t be daunted as there is a very simple pattern to it which I will share with you now.

The paper has an introduction and three main sections: Britain and its Competitors, Holiday Research and Planning and Holiday Booking, plus 23 odd pages of appendices.

Each of the 3 main body sections is colour coded and starts with a summary No 1 page. That page then summarizes in text the main points arising from the pages of data that follow it up to summery No 2 page which then summarizes the main points in the pages that follow it and so on.  Each main body section has either 3 or 4 summary pages within it (at pages 9, 18, 24 pages 32, 41, 46, 54 and pages 61, 66, 70 78).

Each individual data page that follows a summary page has a short text summary of that page’s key finding(s) in a coloured box to match that section’s colour code at its head; as do each page of the appendices at the end of the paper.  Finally each section concludes with single summary page of that section’s key findings (at pages 29, 58 and 89, all coloured coded in red).

Although well worth studying in full at some point, you can get a very quick overview by: reading the 3 main, red heading, summary pages only.  A good feel by reading these plus the section summaries in their page order and a very good feel indeed by reading all of the summary pages plus the individual page summary headings within the sections and appendices; again probably best done in correct page order and not that much of a task. (I.e. just scan through the full document but only looking for and reading all the coloured summaries) .

The report is packed with potentially useful findings but the immediate, “so what’s?” are still I am afraid left to you to decide, as appropriate to your local circumstances and plans. I hope my rough and ready user guide helps rather than hinders you.


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