Tourism Tax Update

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Over the last few months may have seen various press reports about the prospect of tourism tax being introduced in the UK and in the last few weeks reports of its potential inclusion in City Deals for the Scottish and English Capitals.

As a consequence of the London Mayor’s comments the Tourism Alliance issued a very good technical briefing paper which I have sat on for a few weeks whilst I gather my though and did more research on what  I sense is a potentially divisive and easily misrepresented and easily misunderstood set of multifaceted issues.

I’ve now put together an update on with links, including that to the Tourism Alliance briefing note.  If you have the time to read the update now or in the future if and when it starts to become a local topic of interest, I hope will help put some of the recent hype and core problem into context.  Tourism tax in the UK is likely to be a reality in one, perhaps two large City area in the relatively near future but please don’t draw the natural conclusion from this that this means it will necessarily be a reality anywhere else in the UK, any time soon:


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