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1.  An interesting article in  TravelGBI  from Victor Middleton, a great friend of domestic and destination based tourism  and an Honorary Fellow of Association.  Victor’s  piece returns to a theme that we have been supporting for a number of years, namely that we are all in the business of supporting the visitor economy, something that is far bigger and even less well defined and understood than “the tourism industry”:


2. Perhaps too early and probably too far divorced from the practicalities and realities here in the UK to be of immediate concern but it is interesting to note that yesterday apparently the Turkish courts took action against Booking.com for anti-competitive practices.  I have yet to confirm the validity of article(s) but if it’s true it adds to the weight of evidence that established OTAs and their more recently established competing sharing economy platforms are increasingly coming under scrutiny and control from national government and local/state/regional/city authorities:  http://hotelmarketing.com/index.php/content/article/turkey_blocks_access_to_booking.com

3. I conversation with Kurt Janson of the Tourism Alliance I have been told that the Tourism and Leisure All Party Parliamentary Group inquiry on the Sharing Economy which took written evidence last Autumn will be taking oral evidence as soon as appropriate dates can be confirmed  More to follow, meanwhile you can access the background detail via:  https://britishdestinations.net/consultation-responses/open-consultations/appg-sharing-economy-inquiry-closes-25-nov-16/

More historic articles and background detail on the sharing economy from Britishdestinations.net can be accessed at:



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