General Election- Party manifesto update

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Following the release of the SNP manifesto earlier today the Tourism Alliance has provided a useful summary of tourism related items within it.  Kurt’s email text is reproduced below for your information.

In addition I have taken the opportunity to added copies of the Plaid Cymru, SNP and UKIP manifestos on our 2017 General Election summary page which now contains links to  6 Party manifestos.

Text reads:

Attached is a copy of the SNP Manifesto. The main tourism section is as follows:

Tourism is a growing part of Scotland’s economy with Scotland hailed as the second best place to visit in the world this year. Against the backdrop of Brexit, Scotland’s tourism industry has worked hard to ensure we continue to be seen as an open and welcoming nation.

To provide further support to our tourism industry the SNP will call on the UK government to examine a reduction in VAT for the hospitality sector, levelling the playing field with other EU nations and creating new jobs.

The tourism and hospitality sector faces real challenges presented by Brexit. The Tourism Industry Council expects that there will need to be a 200 per cent increase in Border Force resources to deal with post-Brexit EU passengers. SNP MPs will press the UK government to ensure border checks are as seamless as possible after the UK leaves the EU, making it as easy as possible for international tourists to visit Scotland.

In addition, the SNP proposes to:

  • press the UK government to commit to the Open Skies Agreement in Brexit negotiations to ensure there is no loss of flights to or from Scotland and our airports are not disadvantaged
  • work with the Scottish Government, Visit Scotland, Scottish Development International and UK departments to secure an expansion of international flights to and from Scotland, opening up new markets for trade and tourism
  • protect vital Scottish air connections to other parts of the UK


Kurt Janson


Tourism Alliance



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