Report on the benefits of low rates of VAT on tourism added to or research library

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I have just added an interesting report to our research and statistics library which was received, courtesy of the Tourism Alliance, from Hoptrec the European umbrella body for European hospitality associations.  The report examines the benefits of lower rates of VAT on tourism and hospitality related services, something that many within the tourism industry have, and are still lobbying hard for here in the UK.

A comparative table of 2017 EU VAT rates at page 10, the table on contribution of travel and tourism to GDP in EU states on page 11 and the summary of the 5 key benefits of low VAT rates for tourism services on page 20 may be of most immediate use, to those who don’t have time to read the full report in detail.

Personally I found the relatively new (?) argument about lower rates “levelling the playing field with the ‘collaborative’ economy” most pertinent, particularly in light of our Board’s recent decision to proactively challenge at national level some of the many untended consequences of the sharing economy for other tourism businesses and for destination management:


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