Useful guidance for business on the UK Repeal Bill

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If you or your local business partners wish to understand the basic implications of the Repeal Bill for businesses, (workers, consumer the environment etc.) without wading through the full Bill itself, or relying on media interpretations, I would recommend the following UK Government business brief:

As I read it the Bill ensure that we have a set of binding law in place immediately after we leave the EU, that in most cases will be exactly the same as those in place immediately before we leave the EU.  Any changes to existing, or indeed any new UK/EU laws made in the period up to the point of Brexit, can then be made by the UK and devolved Government’s with due Parliamentary scrutiny over a period of time, rather than by accident or by default as part of the process of disengagement. It certainly won’t be a case of we’re out the EU, so now I can now ignore X or Y bits of, “EU legislation”, as some might erroneously assume.


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