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1. British Bed & Breakfast Association’s (BBA) latest campaign that targets allegedly sharp practice among some of the major OTAs got a further airing in the press this weekend.  BBA is making 6 (correction 5) specific complaints to the Competition and Marketing Authority. A useful briefing note from them highlights their concerns as they relate to individual business is accessible below.  For those wanting to understand more about the potential impact on their own local businesses it’s a useful piece.  It may also add weight to our own wider concerns about the unintended impact of  major OTAs on voluntary destination management structures and their key activities, including destination marketing: BBA – OTA Campaign

2. It being August, holidays are a particularly newsworthy.  Some national papers are carrying “news” from ONS that the traditional fortnight’s holiday has been replaced both at home and abroad by many more, shorter trips.  The source appears in part to be a set of data released in May by the ONS Tourism Statistic Unit covering visits, nights and spend for domestic and international inbound and out bound travel for the period 1980 to 2016.  These historic data tables can be accessed from our research and statistics library.  The scale of continued growth in the value and volume of domestic and international inbound and outbound tourism, should if nothing else be of particular note to the lay statistics user.  This is most definitely a growth business:


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