Attraction trends 2016, “Last Mile” best practice guidance and understanding business visits reports all now available

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Three new reports from VB/VE added to

1. Attraction trends 2016 is a 72 page summary of  the annual English visitor attraction survey. If you haven’t time to read it in full then see pages 8 to 10 for its headlines.

2. Final Mile– best practice guidelines on how destinations, train operators and attractions can overcome “Final Mile” challenges as it impacts on international tourism. A lack of real or perceived physical connectivity and/or information on it, also impinges on efforts to encourage greater use of public transport in the domestic market, therefore there is almost certainly some relevance in the report to these issue too.

Find both reports at the head of the main research and statistics library page at: or individually listed in the drop-down menu from the + menu tab.

3. Understanding business visits, VB’s latest foresight edition 153 can be accessed, along with the full series of VB foresight reports doing back to edition 120 in October 2013, in our protected members section at:  , if you have forgotten the password email me.

I do appreciate there’s been a lot of research released and therefore added to the library recently; hopefully you will also appreciate that it and the last decades plus worth of major reports will now remain  in date order in one handy place, so if and when you and other members need it you’ll not have too far to look.





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