Month: October 2017

Vacancy Head of Trade Visit Jersey closing?

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Visit Jersey are seeking a Head of Trade based in either London or Jersey.  No salary or closing date specified.  See more detail via “jobs Vacancies +” menu tab or go direct to the page at:

VB/VE English Destination Forum 13 November 2017

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In conversation with colleagues it has become apparent that not all the senior officer/practitioner representatives of every English DMO have necessarily received an invitation directly to the VB/VE English Destination Forum (EDF) on 13 November or have seen the newsletter version.  Invitations may have gone astray, have been missed or have gone to other colleagues within our organisation, if indeed individual invitations were sent out on this occasion? With this in mind I am reproducing the newsletter calling notice which I received below, so that if have been missed out or have missed it, for whatever reason, you can sort out your attendance and/or make sure that you’re on the VE, DMO/EDF list for any future direct correspondence.

In the meantime, I have been asked, along with others, on the closed VE LinkedIn EDF group to suggest topics for inclusion in the agenda.  I have already suggested the Tourism Industry Strategy, subject to issues around the proximity to any possible announcement on Budget day (22nd Nov) and I intend to suggest a full briefing and discussion on the emerging 3 year (fixed?) VB/VE marketing plans, although a subject of such potential importance that I can’t envisage it not already being included.

I have a number of other possible subjects from our list of lobbying issues to offer up, including future funding mechanisms for DMOs and managing the unintended impacts of OTA, sharing and GIG economy on destination and destination management,  which in the absence of anything else more immediately pressing or directly related to VB/VE own activities, I will also suggest.  I suspect that these may be seen as being too potentially contentious for a VB/VE sponsored event?  If you have any pressing agenda items you would like to see included, regardless of whether you are attending or not, then please let me know ASAP so I can offer them up.

From a VE Newsletter of 26 September:

We would like to invite you to our annual English Destinations Forum, to be held on Monday 13 November 2017 in London.

The event is open to all destination organisations across England and will feature a mix of research and activity updates from VisitBritain/VisitEngland, relevant workshops and destination case studies. A detailed agenda will be sent in the next few weeks.

Date: 13 November 2017

Time: 11-4pm

Venue: St. Ermin’s Hotel, Westminster, London, SW1H 0QW
Please R.S.V.P. to if you would like to attend.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Sally Balcombe

Chief Executive


Three job vacancies Visit County Durham closing 22 October

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Visit County Durham are offering 3 full time, permanent posts, based in Durham.   Applications close on 22 October:

  • Partnership & Sales Executive: £24,174 – £27,668
  • Communications Executive: £26,822 – £30,153
  • Marketing Executive: £26,822 – £30,153

More detail are available under “jobs vacancies +” menu tab or go direct to the page at:

Three new research reports now available

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The following new research and statistics reports are now available on British

From VisitsBritain: their Inbound quarterly Trends (quarter 1 July) and latest Foresight report 154: The Visitor Experience in Britain – Welcome, Expectations, Satisfaction & Recommendation.  These can be found at the head of paragraphs 2 and 3 respectively of our protected VB page at: .   Both are necessarily higher level reports with detail down to Nations and Regions level, on page 21 in the Quarterly Trends and pages 23 and 31 of Foresights. If you can’t remember the log in email me here.

From the National Coastal Tourism Academy (NCTA): Perceptions of the English Coast – Identifying Opportunities for Domestic Non-Visitors. (Applicable to all coastal destinations, regardless of location and possibly some relevance inland?).  Based on an online survey of 1,506 respondents who had not visited the coast for an overnight stay in the last 5 years and detailed interviews with 23 of the respondents, the objective was to identify the barriers that could be addressed, which non-visitors might be open to staying on the English coast and which types of destination and activities would be most relevant to them.

Relative to the scale of the English Coastal product, it is necessarily broad-based, and arguably therefore lacks some of the more specific planning data, for example, segment size, values and location.  Some colleagues have also expressed various reservations about the 6 imaged based “coastal types” used.  Nonetheless, the report undoubtedly fills an important gap.  Many destinations, coastal or otherwise, will conduct their own segmentation research to support routine activity or for specific projects and development programmes. Of these far fewer will have been able to go to the expense of undertaking non-visitor research and where they have it may not have been done recently.

The report’s recommendations and findings, although in part already self-evident to many working coastal destinations, are still extremely useful, not least in helping destinations confirm and/or evidence their current approaches, activities and event programmes etc.  Other destinations may find pointers towards new markets and activities they have not yet been able to support, although I suspect more detailed local research might be required to fully justify the resource needed to create, say, a new major event like an air show, as the report’s covering press release suggests as a means of converting day to staying visitors.

The findings on perceptions (long standing?) of poor weather, relative expense and elements of the coastal experience, either not being available or closed in winter is worthy of further investigation and it may well then be more effectively addressed collaboratively at a national level than by individual destination’s actions?   The report is at .