GB Day Visitor Survey and other new research now available.

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The 2016 GB Day visitor survey has been published by the National Tourist Boards and added to our extensive national level research and statistic library.  At 249 pages it is a big document containing a lot of detail.

To help you: the headline summary is at page 11 and 12.   Individual graphs on different types of day visits, for different types of activity, by different geography and by different destination typology can be found from pages 14 to 78. They are worth looking at but I recommend that you read the summary description and key points given in the right hand column on most pages, before deciding whether you need to look in more detail at each of the graphs and supporting text. The content of some pages will be far more relevant to your destination’s circumstance than others, so you can then focus on those.

From page 79 onward you will find full data tables used to produce the report, plus definitions and technical detail including descriptions of methodology etc.  These are probably best left to be read by the statisticians among you.

Importantly there are references at page 133 and 214 to attached Excel files giving breakdown by volume and value for English Local Authorities and English Counties and by tourism area (as defined on page 6) for both Wales and Scotland.   Tables covering your own localities should be of interests to you all.  However, they are only accessible if you download the PDF document and then view it via Acrobat Reader. They will then appear, regardless of which page you are viewing, as a group of attachments either on the left or right of the document viewing screen.  See the full GB Day Visitor Survey at:

I have also belatedly added the Visitor attraction trends in England 2016 report first published in late July.  If attraction are your area of interest then you probably do need to read/scan the full report, otherwise the headline findings can be found on pages 8 to 10:

I have also added the latest Foresight edition 156 on Perception and knowledge of Britain and its competitors 2016 to the protected VB section of the website.  An interesting read with some potential for local application.  Foresight edition 155, which is essentially on the propensity for visitors to visit Britain only or as part of a multi international destination trip, was also posted there some weeks ago but not promoted at that time.  It is interesting at a regions and Nations level but probably of less direct relevance to local management and promotion:

Email me if you, or your computer, has forgotten the protected area login.

The VB/VE 2016/17 annual review is now an online presentation rather than a “document”.  The individual presentations on GB inbound and English domestic performance in 2016 (left hand bottom two boxes on the review page) could be of particular interest to you or of use in presentations locally?  When the two are viewed consecutively figures like the £72bn value of English domestic tourism in 2016 as compared to the £22.5bn UK inbound tourism value are particularly striking.  For a proper understanding of what the presentations are tell us it is important that you read the main text  and do not simply rely on the headline statements for context.  Find the VB/VE Annual Review 2016/17 at the bottom of our VB protected page, or go direct to it at:


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