New research from ABTA now available

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Travelling together – The value of UK outbound tourism, is an interesting new report commissioned ABTA.  It looks largely at the value of UK outbound tourism to the EU and individual EU nations and also estimates the value within the UK associated with UK resident’s travelling to the EU.

The values are significant and when considered alongside  VB’s recent Annual Report which notes that in 2016, 2/3 of all inbound tourism to the UK was from Europe, you can start to understand why there may be growing concern in some quarters regarding the potential impacts of any significant physical, fiscal or administrative barriers to travel to and from Europe post Brexit.  The ABTA report’s messages are very clearly targeted as much, if not more, towards the EU and European states as they are towards the UK Governments.

It’s a strategic level report, probably of limited immediate operational relevance to many UK destinations but at only 12 pages it is definitely worth scanning if not reading in full, even if UK outbound and international inbound tourism are not your primary concerns:

2017 The value of UK outbound tourism


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