EU Travel Package Regulation update

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On the 20 October we asked you to consider writing in support of a Tourism Alliance campaign to your local Westminster MPs, urging them in turn to write to the Minister responsible in BEIS for the forthcoming implementation and translation in to UK law of the new EU Package Travel Regulation. The original request outlining the issues and opportunity to support this Tourism Alliance organised campaign can be accessed here.

Meanwhile we have written directly our Westminster based Vice Presidents and to a number of constituency MPs and to the Prime Minister.  Some of those contacted, have responded very positively indeed. As a consequence, I have since had the following direct response from the Minister for Small Business, Margot James MP:

Letter Minister BEIS to BD re EU TPR.

Kurt Janson of the Tourism Alliance is now in the process of arranging a meeting with BEIS official as outlined in the Minister’s letter, although, the original hope had been to meet with the Minster herself, in order try to make greater progress in the limited time now allowed.  Subject to the selected date I have agreed to accompany Kurt to the meeting in order to help put the small business and destination case for the proposed amendments that would allow local, low-level packaging of accommodation and other services provision, (but not travel) without the onerous restrictions of the regulation applying.



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