Quality In Tourism Ready To Enact APPG Sharing Economy Recommendations

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British Destinations has already shared with you the interim report from the All Party Parliamentary Group on tourism recommending a level playing field for the accommodation sector.  Many of the report’s key findings will resonate with those tasked with managing destinations and rental accommodation in both the hospitality and private rental sectors including:

  1. As a principle, all businesses offering accommodation in the visitor economy, whether existing ones or new ones enabled by the sharing economy and its platforms, should compete on a level playing field
  2. There is an urgent need to independently clarify and codify the adequacy of the various ‘checklists’ or other security assurances being offered by sharing economy platforms
  3. The implications of local enforcement agencies not having adequate resources to carry out adequate safety inspections of sharing economy businesses due to severe budgetary restrictions must be grasped – not least by Government

Quality In Tourism has been accrediting accommodation for over a decade and their new “Safe, Clean and Legal” scheme helps addresses all of the key concerns raised by the APPG inquiry as well as tackling those issues commonly experienced by traditional accommodation businesses.  Although a secondary aim, the approach also helps to maintain and improve quality.  The scheme costs from £100 (+vat) per year and offers providers, destination managers and consumers the assurance that the property on offer is compliant with a host of regulations much of it linked to personal safety.

For more information contact QiT on 0845 300 6996 or email qualityintourism@m-assessment.com


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