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Your help needed

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Colleagues in Swale are seeking some assistance around developing policies regarding the handling of lost car parking revenues due to the hosting of community and professional events. It isn’t simply an issue about car parking.  See the question under the “Forum: ask questions get answers” main menu tab of or go direct to the page with the latest request for assistance made to the rest of the “club” at:

Normal rules apply: any substantive lesson learnt will be made available to all other members and, whilst I can’t guarantee it, those who offer assistance generally get rewarded, most often when the unexpectedly find they need help themselves……….


VisitBritain Images (VBI) are being updated – action required.

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Just in case you miss the notification in VB and VE newsletters and/or any direct communication to individual partner destinations, VB are updating the VB and VE image library. If you have existing images of your destination or assets within it on the library and you want them to stay there beyond late May or you would like to take the opportunity now, rather than at some future date, to try and get an image or images of your destination included you will need to take action before 23 May. The VB update reads (with my additional highlighting in para 2):

VisitBritain Images (VBI), the online asset library of editorial images of Britain and England for tourism purposes, will be updated with new and improved functionality on 23 May.

If you would like to feature on the image site, destination partners will be required to re-submit assets for approval by VisitBritain and asked to sign a new license to permit upload and distribution via the system.

Updated features on the library will include new controls to ensure assets have the necessary rights applied when supplied by third parties.

To find out more about how to submit assets into the new collection contact

If members are not familiar with VB image library it can be accessed at: , however, you will need to register and have your registration approved before you can browse the images contained within it.

Sharing Economy APPG report update

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The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Tourism’s interim report on The Sharing Economy: Maximising Benefits while Reducing Adverse Outcomes, which was  previewed at our joint annual conference on 19th and published on 21st March, has now started to get some additional traction for the important issues it raises.

The latest interest comes from BBC 5 Live on 15 April and focus mainly on the concern that some properties let via sharing accommodation platforms do not meet the appropriate fire safety standards deemed essential for all other short let accommodation.  It is an excellent well-balanced piece that raises some very valid concerns.

I have added the article to the steadily grow list of national and international pieces already posted under our main menu “sharing economy” tab, within the web page dedicated to some of the core issues many of our members have. You can access that page here and find the article within it or go directly to the BBC article itself at:

The full APPG report, to include more developed recommended actions is being worked up for publication in the summer.  Meanwhile I am working with colleagues within the Tourism Alliance Board to ensure that the Alliance as a whole and key national trade organisations in membership of it, continue to take an informed view on the growing need for some form of effective action to ensure that accommodation offered on sharing platforms meets the appropriate regulatory standards that already apply to the rest of the accommodation industry.

Conference partners:

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New report on the real level of UK unemployment added to our library

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During a meeting today to catch up on the progress made on potential joint tourism research project with Prof Steve Fothergill, I discovered that Steve and the team at Sheffield Hallam had published a report in late 2017 on the real level of unemployment in the UK.  This is the 5th in a series of reports at about five year intervals that has looked at the hidden levels of unemployment among the UK’s working age population, much of it attributed to incapacity benefit.  At the time of publication the report didn’t attract much popular national press attention.

Although not a tourism report as such the finding may be of particular relevance to a number of UK popular destinations both inland and coastal. It is worth noting that an earlier version of this report played a catalytic role in helping us develop the case with Government for a greater emphasis of coastal resort regeneration.

The full 26 pages of text are worth reading in full.  However, the key points on page 3, the map on page 15 and the table showing the best and worst performing authorities on page 17 combined should give you an overview of the reports immediate relevance to your destination.

The report has been placed in our library in date order and is therefore not at the top of either the consolidated “Reports & statistics – by year” page or in the “(+)” listing of individual report.  It is current  the third item of the 120 plus strategically significant national reports held by us for your use.  For ease go directly to the reports page at:

Travel Package Directive UK implementation

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UK Government have issued their response to the consultation on Updating Consumer Protection in the Package Travel Sector.  It gives the gist of the responses and lays out how they now intend to implement the revised EU Package Travel Directive of 2015 by the due date of 1 July 2018.  The new regulations have obvious implications for international package travel but also increasingly for the domestic travel trade and for accommodation and tourism and visitor service providers who wish to work with other suppliers.   In certain circumstances it may even impact on how destinations sell local product online.

I have added an implementation update on the drop-down menu from the EU tourism policies & programmes main menu tab on which tells you the main points I think destination managers need to know immediately and gives links to the response and other more detailed documentation.  For ease you can access that page directly at:

2017 British Destinations, Destination Intelligence Survey results now available.

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Destination representatives will/should all be aware that we conduct an annual destination intelligence survey for all member destinations as a free member service. The 2017 survey using 2016/17 data was completed in January of this year.

Individual member reports, group reports by destination typology and an all destination dashboard that allows you to contrast and compare result across all members, in each of the area of activity recorded and, if you so wish, allows you to build your own reports using any or all of that data, has now been published to our destination intelligence website, most of which is protected.  The site can be found here .

If you have forgotten the separate password for the Destination Intelligence website you can access it using your normal, main corporate site password on the following protected webpage or, failing that, just email me.  If your destination is already a paid-up member, or about to be one once the remaining 2018/19 invoices are dispatched, then I will send the password to you.

Those individuals who physically submitted survey detail should already have been contacted directly by Sergi Jarques with your own report details.  Where members have not provided survey data, or where no local data is held by the member destination, Sergi will have used any available national data to complete as much of the survey as is possible, I.e. all member should have a report regardless; a small number may unfortunately be sparser on certain key detail than others.

Additional data can still be added to existing reports, if it is provided to Sergi by you.  Equally new reports can be created for any new members joining in the next few months, allowing new or returning members to start building trend data once they have participated in the forthcoming 2018 survey.

The 2018 survey for all members, using 2017/18 data, will be conducted during the closing month of this year and into early 2019. As usual Sergi will assist his customers and GTS (UK) will assist theirs to complete the survey, but only if they are requested to do so.

Any general questions on the Destination Intelligence to me, any technical questions on the reports or the survey itself to Sergi please.

New round of VE Discover England Fund announced deadline for expressions of interest 13 April 2018

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Late last week VisitEngland announced a new round of DEF funding for 2018/19 financial year for project grants of up to £250k.  Whilst the announcement was widely circulated colleagues busy with the Easter (organising or enjoying it) might not have noticed the deadline for expressions of interest which is the 13 April 2018.  More detail and links to the guidance and criteria documents can be accessed at: