2017 British Destinations, Destination Intelligence Survey results now available.

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Destination representatives will/should all be aware that we conduct an annual destination intelligence survey for all member destinations as a free member service. The 2017 survey using 2016/17 data was completed in January of this year.

Individual member reports, group reports by destination typology and an all destination dashboard that allows you to contrast and compare result across all members, in each of the area of activity recorded and, if you so wish, allows you to build your own reports using any or all of that data, has now been published to our destination intelligence website, most of which is protected.  The site can be found here .

If you have forgotten the separate password for the Destination Intelligence website you can access it using your normal, main corporate site password on the following protected Britishdestinations.net webpage or, failing that, just email me.  If your destination is already a paid-up member, or about to be one once the remaining 2018/19 invoices are dispatched, then I will send the password to you.

Those individuals who physically submitted survey detail should already have been contacted directly by Sergi Jarques with your own report details.  Where members have not provided survey data, or where no local data is held by the member destination, Sergi will have used any available national data to complete as much of the survey as is possible, I.e. all member should have a report regardless; a small number may unfortunately be sparser on certain key detail than others.

Additional data can still be added to existing reports, if it is provided to Sergi by you.  Equally new reports can be created for any new members joining in the next few months, allowing new or returning members to start building trend data once they have participated in the forthcoming 2018 survey.

The 2018 survey for all members, using 2017/18 data, will be conducted during the closing month of this year and into early 2019. As usual Sergi will assist his customers and GTS (UK) will assist theirs to complete the survey, but only if they are requested to do so.

Any general questions on the Destination Intelligence to me, any technical questions on the reports or the survey itself to Sergi please.


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