Quality Accreditation for holiday lets and short-term rentals

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An interesting short article from Quality in Tourism, looking at an alternative voluntary approaches to some of the emerging regulatory issues linked to the rapidly growing sharing holiday accommodation sector and to the more establish, longer let House in Multiple Occupancy market:

In a week where BBC Radio 5 dedicated a whole programme to fire risk in holiday lettings it is worth considering that low-cost, voluntary solutions are already available to destination management organisations, councils and local hotel associations helping to ensure that properties in their destinations are compliant with the necessary regulations.

Quality accreditation schemes, such as the new “Safe, Clean and Legal™” scheme run by Quality In Tourism, part of M-Assessment Services, ensure that accommodation owners, whether in hospitality or private short-term rentals, have taken the necessary steps to make sure that their property is fit for business purposes.  Whether it is insurance, fire risk, accessibility, environmental health or many of the other details that are needed by law to operate are understood by the owners.  By encouraging owners to sign up to this type of programme it can give destination mangers confidence in their destination’s offering and minimise the chance of adverse PR which may impact on the town or wider region.

Deborah Heather, Head of M-Assessment Services, said “the Safe, Clean and Legal™” scheme is designed to allow property owners to promote the fact that they are operating compliantly and that guests or tenants can have absolute confidence in the property they are renting. While discussions continue about whether there needs to be compulsory registration, it is the perfect opportunity for popular UK destinations to get ahead of the curve and enhance their own reputation as a safe place for guests to be.”

To discuss quality accreditation for holiday and short-term rentals, as well as HMO, please contact QualityInTourism@m-assessment.com


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