Deloitte – Passion for leisure A view of the UK leisure consumer – Q1 2018

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The latest Deloitte quarterly leisure industry update, issued earlier this week, has attracted some mixed reporting from the national media, possibly because it suggests that general consumer confidence in the first quarter of 2018 is improving, whilst unusually in that circumstance, leisure consumer confidence is not tracking that improvement but is diverging from it.

The reports notes that this is very unusual and may simply indicate a lag or alternatively  a real changes in established consumer behaviour? The findings on current leisure consumer confidence and the reported likely future intent will be of interest, if not of some concern, to those responsible for the management and promotion of popular UK domestic destinations.  The report’s summary paragraph states:

“Leisure consumers are still feeling the pinch in the first quarter of 2018. Although inflation is starting to ease and wages continue to gradually climb, consumers have reduced their spending on most leisure activities. Looking ahead, consumers have little intention to spend more in the coming months, leaving spending on holidays significantly below the level seen last year”.

See the headline report and access links to the detail at:


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