Privacy Policy Update

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You are being emailed automatically by the website as a subscriber to “the blog” or, you are receiving a copy of “the blog” by email from me because we believe we have your existing consent to communicate with you.  We have your consent as either a representative of subscribing member organisations (existing customer), or as the representative of non-member, partner organisation with whom we have good reason (legitimate cause) to communicate with, and who we have been communicating with for some time, regarding our mutual interest in UK tourism.

If for some reason there has been an error made and we do not have your consent, then please accept our sincere apologies.  If you email me by the, reply to facility, or follow the instruction at the bottom of the email we will remove you from our database immediately.

A new first draft privacy policy has been added to the governance page of   This will now be revised over time as experience demands. It is narrative instruction designed both to inform current and future members of our policy and also to act as an internal instruction on what to do and what not to do regarding personal information handling as it relates to the limited information held by British Destination.  Comment and views on improvements, as ever, are always welcome:

Privacy Policy as at 24 May 2018



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