GB Day Visit Survey 2017 and Visitor Attractions Trends in England 2017

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I have added the recently published Great Britain Day Visits Survey 2017 and the Visitor Attractions Trends in England 2017 to the research and statistics library.

At a glance detail for Tourism Day Visits can be found at page 11 -13 of the full 254-page GBDVS.  I would recommend that definitions of 3 hours + Leisure day visits (LDVs), Tourism Day Visits and Activities core to tourism (ACT) on page 9 are read for context and that the definitions and key finding for ACTs at pages 45 -46 and pages 61 – 62 for LDVs are also read in full as a minimum. Much of the content of the main body of the report which runs up to page 81, contains breakdowns that should be of considerable interest to most destination managers, if and when you can find time to read it.

The Visitor Attraction Trends in England report contains a wealth of detail in its 70 pages, much of it of indicative interest to destination managers regardless of whether they are based in England or not.  The headline findings which are a must read can be found at pages 8 to 11.

The reports can be accessed separately at:

Or together, alongside all 120 plus major reports now held at:



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