Coastal Select Committee Coastal Towns Regeneration Inquiry

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I am writing to remind coastal members that the recently formed House of Lords issue specific Coastal Select Committee is taking evidence for its inquiry into the regeneration of coastal towns and to seek comment for our own consolidated response and that of the Tourism Alliance.  The deadline for submission to the committee is 9 October 2018, therefore I need your comments ASAP:

Member destinations may of course wish to make their own submissions.  I have made the Tourism Alliance aware of the inquiry and confirmed that they intend to make a submission, to which I will contribute on your behalf.  British Destination will also make its own submission on behalf of the full membership.  Coastal members, in particular, are invited to send me outline  comments on their key concerns and main asks of government.  Bullet point, headline thoughts, received sooner would be preferable to detailed comments received later.


Please do share your thoughts and comments

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