It is well over time we took over tourism seriously

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Over tourism – a problem of too many tourists or one of not enough management of tourism (strategy/policy issues) or of tourists (infrastructure/operational issues)?  Are some UK destinations now in serious danger of  accidentally smothering the golden goose or alternatively of missing the equally golden opportunity to spread the social and economic benefits more widely or over longer periods?  Is this a major reputational issue and therefore one capable of causing damage well beyond those places and those times at which the peaks of over tourism actually occur?

The questions around over tourism are complex.  As it seems likely that the problem will grow and spread to other destinations, these are questions that British Destinations now wish to start confronting.  We are doing so in order to help prompt further debate around policy and strategic direction, infrastructure and operational matters at national through to local level.  We also wish to see far more discussions around the critical (?) role of destination management in dealing with what logically appears to be a local management issue but one with significant national consequences attached.

Although not directly related to the sharing economy, the sharing accommodation sector is frequently cited as one of the factors helping to drive, over tourism, especially in popular urban destinations and Cities in particular.  Rather than creating yet another main menu tab, on, articles that relate to UK and international over tourism will now be posted in the drop-down menu under the sharing economy tab or got direct to the page of recent relevant articles at:


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