Latest PwC reports confirms worsening position for the British high street.

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PwC and The Local Data Company analysis of c 67k outlets operated by multiple retailers and leisure operators in 500 town centres during the first 6 months of 2018 shows that the British high streets is weathering the most testing retail and leisure climate in five years as gap between store openings and closures widens.

The report published today may give destinations some comfort in that it illustrates that they are not alone and that some of the key drivers are currently largely outside the control of individual destination managers and local authorities.  It is also provides further evidence, if indeed it is needed, that radical national solutions and means to implement them are urgently needed, alongside local innovation and bespoke approaches.  The PwC press release cover the key finding can be accessed at:

The full report will be circulate once it has been sourced.


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