ONS UK Tourism Satellite Accounts for 2016 now available

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The Office of National Statistics (ONS) and the their team at the Tourism Industry Unit have released yet another important UK  tourism statistical report:  “The UK Tourism Satellite Accounts 2016 reports on the annual contribution of tourism to the UK economy from demand for goods and services caused by tourism activity and supply of these goods and services”.

Satellite accounting is a very different way of measuring the total economic activity derived from tourism.  It is reached by attributing a share of all other economic activity to tourism from Governments own economic data for all other sectors, rather than modelling estimates starting with surveys of tourist’s activities as is done for example with the GB Tourism Survey (GBTS) and International Passenger Survey (IPS).  It is a significant piece of work that can only be conducted once the audited Governments key economic data becomes available, hence the full year 2016 UK -TS data only being available in the closing months of 2018.

The main points and a really simply description of what is an otherwise complex methodology can be found at page 2 of the report.  This now been added to the Britishdestination.net reports and statistics library at:




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