VisitEngland Annual Destination Management Forum presentations

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I am attaching links to the presentations given at last week’s VisitEngland’s annual Destination Forum held in London, for the interest of both those who attended and who will also have received the links from VE and for those that were unable to attend and may not have been given access.  Please note that the transfer service link to the files sent direct to individuals by VE will expire on 7 December.

The extremely interesting briefing on “Airbnb experiences” their relatively new experience based offer in the UK, was too large to copy and place on our website (and I suspect on VB/VE’s, hence the use of a transfer service for sharing the detail?).

This informative file (a recommended read) can be downloaded  before 7 December and then saved at:

The rest of the presentations will now be available to British Destinations members for  many months to come via this “LATEST INFORMATION & UPDATES” page. Accesses them below:

2018 VE DF Improving productivity – Helen Puddfoot (1)

2018 VE DF Commercial Division update – Carol Dray (1)

2018 VE DF England Activity Update Andrew Stokes (1)

2018 VE DF Latest Tourism Trends Humphrey Walwyn (1)2018 VE DF – VisitEngland_s new Business Advice Hub Ross Calladine (1)

2018 VE DF – Taking England to the World Sarah Berryman and William Smart (1)

2018 VE DF Making most of English Tourism Week Emma Field (1)

2018 VE DF Making most of English Tourism Week Corporate press update Charlotte Sanders (1)

2018 VE DF – VisitEngland Assessment Services Hayley Adcock (1)



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