Recent VB Foresight editions and other research now available.

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I have added the December and November Foresight editions 162 and 163 and the November inbound trends quarterly to our protected members section. The trend quarterly provides detail of the IPS July to September and rolling annual totals which will be of general interest to some.

Foresight 162 looks at: Perceptions of getting a visa to Britain (a bit of a specialist topic?) and 162 is of far more general interest:  How the world views Britain – 2018. If nothing else you should read the headline summary at page 6 of this Anholt National Brand Index Survey report.  See para 2 and 3 of the our protected  VisitBritain page in the members section:

(members if you have forgotten the login email me).

I have also belatedly added a report to the research and statistics library giving insights into day tripping to and from cities and towns by international visitors to the UK. The executive summary pages 7 to 11 is well worth looking at regardless.  The main body text contains a great deal of detail, some of it specific to larger County areas and to a number of named destinations including some British Destination members:



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