Destination Intelligence – Call for data collection submissions

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As a member of British Destinations, you are entitled to take part in the annual Destination Intelligence survey at no additional cost. We continue to use the excel-based input form to structure and collect the data. We have received a good response so far but not everybody has submitted their latest performance data yet.

We would like to update the reports as much up to date data as possible. We are inviting you to take part in this year’s survey and we would welcome submitted forms by Friday 22 February 2019.

Note that we are collecting data for 2017/18 data (or 2017 calendar year if applicable). The outputs for this year’s Destination Intelligence will include:

  • Individual results
  • Group results
  • Dashboard (excel based)

How to simplify the input process?

If you submitted your results last year we will be happy to send you an editable copy for editing.

We can send you a copy of your destination reports published last year from which you can extract relevant information or suggest changes.

Download the latest data available for your destination from the Destination Intelligence website. You can access the data following this link: Destination Intelligence.

****PLEASE NOTE****: the Destination Intelligence website is password protected. Please email for the password. Alternative using your main website password you can access the destination intelligence password on the following page:

How else can we help? We will be happy to extract data from your existing reports and add it to the Destination Intelligence profile to save you time – This may include the latest copy of your latest economic impact report (STEAM or Cambridge Model) or a business plan or similar paper that describes the tourism activity for your destination.

Please request it by contacting Sergi Jarques (




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