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1.  VB’s Foresight  edition 166  published in Feb 19, “Competitor Destinations – previous holiday destinations” (2017) has been added to the VB section of our protected members area: .

An interesting report based on a survey in 2017 on other destinations visited by international visitors to the UK. Probably a tad too high level/nationally based to be of direct use to most individual destinations but I could be wrong? Forgotten the password to access the protected pages, then just email me.

2. I have also  added two research documents to the research and statistics library:

  • GB Tourism Statistics 2017.  Overlooked last year and only belatedly sourced this is the base document for  the majority of UK domestic and UK outbound staying visits statistics.  Alongside the UK Day Visits and International Passenger surveys it is widely used to inform or at the very least calibrate many of the local tourism models and estimates.  For this reason its a critical document.

For the non-statisticians amongst us, “Tourism Night Visits at a glance”, page 4 – 5 and “2017 Headlines pages 18 – 33” contains most of what you need to know.    Pages 35 to 100  do contain a wealth of  useful information, but to save time I recommend reading the summaries of overnight visits page 35 and longer term trends  page 77.  Thereafter the top tip if you do wish to delve further beyond page 35 is to ignore the table and read the narrative comment on the right of each page first. If the content is of relevance to your circumstance then look at the detail in the table.

  • 2019 Inbound visitor forecast.  Normally issued in more detail and towards the close of the previous calendar year this short report gives VB’s best estimates for inbound tourism for the following year.  Released for 2019 in February this year’s short web-based report contains more caveats than usual and sensibly promises a post Brexit update later in the year.  The forecast is of interest, while VB’s  analysis of some of the potential headwinds contained in the narrative comment is well worth reading.

Both reports can be found in as the latest additions to our extensive library of tourism report and statistics at: 

3. VB/VE are offering a number of appointments  applications closing on 17 March.  Of these one central and two regional training appointments may be of  particular interest to colleagues:


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