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1. BEIS are conducting a review of Consumer Contract Regulation 2013 which seeks evidence by 1 May 2019.

Although the review itself will not result directly in any change to the existing regulation it will inform a forthcoming Consumer White Paper and it is obvious from the consultation’s text that BEIS already have a particular interest in the impact and potential need to amend exemptions that currently cover a range of key “tourism” goods and services.

The current impacts of the exemptions and the consequences of any change are complex; so much so that as yet I really don’t have an opinion as to which way destination-based interests should lean on these issues.  More than ever, I really do need your expert assistance in formulating a balanced view on what is in the best interests of well established UK destinations.  More detail at:

2. The BEIS review of the Package Travel Regulation’s 6 months in has now closed.  Members concerns around overzealous transcription in to UK law and concerns around lack of awareness and the likely impact that might have on a well-informed and successful review and amendment process  have been lodged by both British Destinations and by the Tourism Alliance in their response:

3. Both of these consultations reference the CMA ‘s (Competition and Marketing Authority) investigations and subsequent action against a number of the major international OTA (online travel agents).  If you have missed the detail it can be found in under the “sharing economy main menu tab, or go direct to the page of related sharing economy and OTA articles at (see 2nd article in the current list):

As its coming up to membership renewal time for many members can I take this opportunity to remind you that we undertake activities like these and many other beside (research library, Destination BIDs, future funding, Tourism levy issues etc.) so that you and your hard pressed colleagues don’t have to, or when you need something it can easily found.  We are all far stronger and far more effective working together.  Moreover, as a member of British Destinations you can legitimately say to your own members and local partners that you are taking effective and coordinated action on their behalf to represent them and to influencing  key decisions and events nationally.  I

f you need more evidence of the value of working together with other destinations  then call or email me.




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