Annual Destination Intelligence Survey Published

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One of the many benefits of British Destination membership is the annual destination intelligence survey, the detail of which allows members to benchmark: scale, value, volume and performance across a number of key measures with/against the results for any or all other members.  The protected site now contains the 2018 -19 (2017/18 data) survey results, together with historic data going back to 2003, plus a wealth of other statistic information and links.  The latest survey detail is again presented in the form of an improved dashboard that allows easy comparison and, if required, the simple production of tailored local reports.

The main sections of the Destination intelligence site are protected by its own separate password from that used on the main corporate ( website. For ease (I hope) the destination intelligence password can be found on the following protected page of using the password for that site:

If you have lost the relevant password, your browser hasn’t saved it, if  these instructions are confusing or they don’t work for you for any reason then representative of paid up member destinations and other partners are welcome to email me requesting the password detail.

As ever our thanks go to Sergi Jarques of Destination Research  Ltd for his work in conducting and compiling the results of the survey on behalf of the British Destination’s membership.  In the first instance any technical questions on the survey, use of the dashboard or the data it contains should be directed to  Sergi.


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