More reports on plastics

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In recent weeks the national media have carried more articles on plastics.  Two of the source documents are an Exeter University report on plastics in Britain’s seals, dolphins and whales:  and a report supported by an all-party group of 12 MPs; 2019 Plastic Packaging Plan Achieving Zero Waste Exports .

I appreciate that I posted a lot around the issue of plastic, single use, reduced packaging etc.  I guess the point is that there is a vast amount of both plastic and popular public and press interests currently circulating.  My instincts suggest that plastics may become more of an immediate management issue for beach managers than water quality, the issue issue that has largely dominated the agenda for the last couple of decades plus.  Whether that is good thing or bad and whether it will remain as high on the agenda for the foreseeable future is perhaps one for further mutual discussion?  I would welcome views from the foreshore…..


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