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1. The Government’s response to its 6-month review of the Package Travel Regulation 2018 has now been published. It appears to recognise most of the issues raised by respondents but then falls well short of agreeing to change the regulation itself or more importantly correct the UK’s interpretation or, failing that, amend the guidance to clarify the intent. I understand why the regulation can’t be changed but I am less convinced that the same applies to either the suspect interpretation, or especially the confusing guidance. The 12-monthly review due by EU regulation to start soon has been delayed until the outcome and timing of changing EU membership is clearer.  See the response, which has been added to the original consultation at:

2. I have added a piece of VE consumer research into multi-generational visitor from 10 markets, including the rest of the UK, to the research and statistics library. This is a consumer group which may present opportunities for many established destinations. Although, intended for an England audience, there are pointers for the other Home Nation’s within it. Sadly, there are few shortcuts, so  if you are interested in the subject material you will need to scan or read it in full:

3. VisitBritain latest edition of Foresight gives the regional spread of inbound tourism in 2018. The summary and key metrics can be found at pages 4 and 5 and 7 and 8. It is then worth looking at your own region’s two-page statistic somewhere between 9 and 41, at the top towns  at 44, day trips (a link) at 48 and the long-term regional share at page 50. The report can be found in the protected members section at paragraph 3 of the following page:

Members can email me for a password reminder if they have lost it:

4. I have been adding links to a number of articles on movements within the sharing economy at:

on the gig economy at:

and overtourism at:

I don’t always inform you of additions on these last three pages, assuming that you will go looking at these sections if  and when you are having an issue or are in need some background material. Hopefully this  post will act to remind you that there is all manner of other useful information on our corporate website.  If in doubt about what  exactly is on there, or where, just ask and I will point you to the relevant pages or find it for you elsewhere.


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