Defra Select Committee inquiry opens for written evidence

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The (D) EFRA select committee inquiry on Agriculture achieving net-zero emissions is taking written evidence until 30 Sep 19.   A bit of an oddity as it clearly isn’t specifically about tourism, indeed outwardly it has nothing to do with tourism.  However, my instincts suggest that the already well-established link between tourism and farm diversification and the typical land usage based carbon off-set mechanisms in use, like planting tree and creating new forests and reclaiming peatlands, means it is a subject area that, at the very least, rural tourism interests should aware of and preferably influencing.

Rural and national strategic tourism interests may already be all over the issues involved and preparing to respond, but just in case not, the call for evidence is now the latest item under the drop-down menu from the Consultations tab on , or go direct to the page at:

This is a departmental Select Committee inquiry and an opportunity to influence, those who have some significant influence on but no direct power over future Defra policies.  As you will be aware, Government are mandated to give a written response to every Select Committee inquiry report.  Unfortunately, beyond acknowledging the points raised there is no compulsion for them then to act on any recommendation made.  Nonetheless, we know that well timed, well informed inquiries have led to some remarkably positive changes.  For example, the Coastal Communities Fund, the origins of which can be traced back to the 2007 coastal towns inquiry.


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