Great Yarmouth Tourism BID successful second term ballot

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I have just realised that I have failed to circulate the news that Great Yarmouth’s, Greater Yarmouth Tourism and Business Improvement Area second term ballot was successfully approved in early August on 53.4% of the vote cast and 71.4% of the total aggregate value, A total of 262 or 39% of  the eligible ballot papers were cast.

This is great news for the Greater Yarmouth area, for the destination for local tourism and I would suggest for Destination BID process, as this now means that all the first tranche of the tourism focused, Destination BIDs  adopted in 2013 – 2014 have been successfully reappointed.  Hopefully this will help encourage businesses in other D BIDs to maintain their faith and reappoint when their turn to consider second terms comes round.

Congratulations to all concerned at Great Yarmouth.

For more detail on Tourism and, as we prefer to call them, Destination BIDS see:


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