LGA Report Supplying skill for the local visitor economy.

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Published in late June this LGA reports looks at local employment and skill issues in the visitor economy and makes recommendations for a new locally driven approach.  All good background material for developing or crosscheck your own approaches, and timely, not least because of the emphasis on skills within the Westminster Government’s Tourism Sector Deal.

It contains useful references to common issues related directly to skills and a range of non-skills specific issues, including local data, lack of priority and resource for the sector, through to affordable housing. The 6 case studies (5 from British Destinations members) provide, between them, a lot of good examples and illustrate the breadth of current approaches, driven by specific local circumstance.

At 35 pages it worth scanning the full document but if pushed for time key findings are at 9 to 13 and recommendations 14 to 16.

Find the report in the drop down from the main menu tab “National strategies & polices +” or go direct to the page at:



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