New members can now BOGOF.

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Well not quite “buy one get one free”, but almost, as new British Destinations members can now get up to 18 months membership for the price of 12 months.

Destinations joining between now and 31 March 2020 can choose to pay their annual membership for 2020/21 after 31 March 2020, or pay it at any time before 31 March and then pay nothing more until April 2021, for the 2021/22 financial year.

So why join now? These are already exceptionally challenging times for destination-based tourism, for destination management and marketing and, in all likelihood, they are about to become a whole lot more challenging for the legislative framework that supports and underpins the multitude of businesses and business sectors and other public and private sector interests that combined make up the “tourism industry”.

We are about to enter a potentially protracted period of unprecedented legislative change. If not correctly shaped, these changes could profoundly affect core domestic and international inbound tourism and the visitor economies of most popular urban and rural destinations across the UK. Some of this is Brexit relate, other issues from: potential tourism levies, through better regulatory compliance in the sharing and Gig economies, to the reduction in the use of single use plastics and achieving net zero before 2050 in tourism, are ongoing and looming larger by the day.

In order to tackle these challenges and exploit the opportunities, we are asking you to consider joining like-minded destinations in developing and representing the interests of your locality, your businesses and of your local resident communities to Government, to Government agencies and to other tourism business sectors.  Together we can achieve far more than we can ever do acting as individuals and individual destinations.

If you are interested call Peter Hampson on 07714341379 or email me at:  No hard sell, just an honest and open conversation on the mutual benefit of membership and the added value it can bring to your own local partnerships.

For more background and what we can do to assist you and your destination visit:


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