Sharing Accommodation paper and Which? Annual Chain Hotel Consumer Survey published

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Sharing Accommodation.  Quality in Tourism have published a 20 page, “white paper” entitled: Safety Standards in the Sharing Economy. The paper gives the results of a survey of 2000 consumers who were asked a series of questions about the standards they looked for when booking accommodation, what they viewed as the minimum safety standards that should be, or were currently applied, and what regulation should be, or they thought was already, applied.  The report looks at the survey’s findings, sets out recommendation and standards designed to resolve the issues highlighted and seeks industry feedback.

The papers findings are illuminating and help confirms our existing belief that the majority of consumers already expect safety standards and regulation to be applied before properties are allowed to trade and/or are commercially promoted. This as we know isn’t the case in all circumstance, particularly, in the sharing accommodation sector.

Not unreasonably, Quality in Tourism offer up their Safe, Clean & Legal accreditation scheme as a potential solution and, in doing so, outline the benefits for the existing accommodation industry, for sharing accommodation providers, the sharing platforms, local authorities and for DMOs.  They make a strong case.

Quality in Tourism are keen to capture basic detail of which and how many organisations have accessed the report, so in fairness to them, I am using their brief outline and link page rather than  placing a copy of the report directly on

Once you have read the report you may wish to consider circulating the link to your own local accommodation associations and or accommodation businesses?

Major UK chain hotels report.  Which? have published their annual consumer survey report on large and smaller UK hotel chains. Premier Inn came out on top for the 7 year in a row, with Wetherspoon Hotel “a surprise contender for top spot” coming in second in the survey of over 8,000 Which? members. Apex Hotels and Warner Leisure were the top-rated smaller hotel chains and highly recommended, “for a more boutique stay”.

At the other end of the scale Britannia, a major budget accommodation provider operating in many Cities and popular, traditional destinations, was voted the worst major chain for the seventh year in succession:


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