Tourism Alliance Manifesto 2020 and beyond

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The Tourism Alliance has produced a “Manifesto” for 2020 and beyond, effectively a background briefing document on tourism’s role and importance, which also outlines the Alliance’s shared, common key asks of any future Government.   Most of it will find favour among destination management interest and many of their local business partners.

Several of 12 policy areas and their content should be familiar to you, as should underlying concepts, for example, tourism’s powerful role as an economic distributor, as these are issues that we have been championing on your behalf with both Government and, equally if not more importantly, with colleagues across all sectors of the industry.

There may be the odd item in the manifesto that we might not fully support, but nothing I would suggest that we can live with, at least for the time being.

The document is short enough to read in full.  Once you have done so please consider the merits of circulating it to local politicians and prospective MPs, or later to you new Elected Parliamentary Members. It may also be worth sharing it with local partners and businesses: if only to demonstrate that through you, via us you are representing their interests in the key national strategic policy areas.

Find the manifesto  under the drop down menu from the “National strategies & policies +” menu tab at or go direct to the page at:



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