Airbnb “verification” what is being offered:

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Brian Chesky, Airbnb’s CEO surprise announcement on 100% “verification” of all hosts by the end of 2020, to include “minimum standards” and “basic safety protocol”, a new guest guarantee, if the accommodation listing is wrong (an equal or better alternative or 100% refund), a 24/7/365 manned neighbour complaints hotline and manual checks on all high risk booking (example given of a young person booking a large apartment in their own home town).

Mr Chesky makes it clear that this is a direct reaction to a recent mass killing at a US Airbnb party property and rising complaints about scam listings. He doesn’t give much detail on any of the promises, pointing out that this is an ongoing process, prompted by his very recent decision to change the way Airbnb does business.  He also confirms the intention to take the  company public next year.

The following article includes a link to the interview where the announcement was made.  The written detail and the interview combined allow you to make own judgement’s about exactly what is being offered and what that might or might not include:


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