Planning assumptions and actions

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Given rapidly accelerating events, it is now time to move on from prudent behind the scenes, scenario planning to more detailed planning and potentially initial actions, where they are deemed necessary.

In order to assist colleagues and potentially yourselves with the development of sound planning assumptions, forward plans and potential actions, please consider letting me know what you have done, are doing and are planning to do, especially but not exclusively, around events, marketing and venues and operational activities under your direct or indirect control.

Any additional information on current, forward booking or predictable impacts on business and business sub sectors would be helpful.

The intent is to anonymize and share this information to assist destinations develop plans based on more broadly based and better informed planning assumption and with better background knowledge of what peer destinations have or might be planning to do faced with similar circumstance to yourselves.

Please also highlight any perceived, critical gaps in local/regional or, in particular, national information or guidance, so we can raise these gaps with colleagues nationally.  Please forward comments to:




Please do share your thoughts and comments

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