Covid-19 update PM 26 Mar 20

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1. The statement on support for self-employed from the Chancellor released late this afternoon can be accessed at:

As with previous headline announcements, there will be a number of detailed queries and questions to be answered, indeed, given the far more complex nature of self-employment, it may take longer to clarify the detail than the scheme for the employees.

2. I have received a copy of the first formal business impact study from a member destination today. I would welcome any intelligence on the impact on local businesses the impact on the DMO itself and any forecast on your ability to lead the local tourism recovery when that becomes appropriate (impacts on marketing budgets etc.).

3. The Government has stepped up its messaging this evening about non-essential travel for exercise, I.e. driving into or around the countryside in order to take a walk or other exercise.  I know that the majority of member destinations have made it clear that they are closed to visitors, for example in my own locality:


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