Covid-19 update PM 30 Mar 20

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Over the weekend it was announced that rules on wrongful trading are to be temporarily suspended to ensure that directors are not penalised for doing all they can to save companies and jobs during the current crisis. Not the cheeriest bit of news, but it does mean that technically insolvent companies will not be forced by the law to file for bankruptcy, or that those fighting to keep their businesses afloat over the new few weeks and months, don’t then inadvertently find themselves on the wrong side of the law.  This measure is yet to be enacted, but the news may offer some comfort for businesses looking for a way forward:

Today the Welsh Government announced a further £500m Economic Resilience Fund for Welsh businesses, aimed at plugging the gaps in the support schemes already announced by the UK Government:

VB/VE are refocusing their international marketing activity in the light of COVID-19. Find out how to join the conversation at:




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