DCMS Select Committee Inquiry deadline extended to 19 May 20 correction JUNE

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Since publishing this note this AM it has been pointed out the extension is to 19 June, which radically alters the context of the note below and indeed sadly the core purpose of my intended submission; essentially to major on the consequences to a highly seasonal industry of not achieving a degree of normality by the peak summer holiday month July to September and the need for protracted support if, as seems increasingly likely this can’t be achieved.  We/I need to rethink how we might help amplify those messages, before it is too late to influence policy direction. By mid June firm decisions impacting on the tourist industry in July and beyond will surely have already been made? Apologies for any inadvertent confusion created.

Original reads:

Many thanks for the comments, suggested additions, tweaks to tone and emphasis and of course much needed corrections received so far, all of which will help make the submission much “butter” sorry better, since I shared my rough draft on Tuesday evening.

Yesterday, 29th April, the DCMS Select Committee extended the deadline from 1 to 19 May 20, giving me and those of you intending to submit directly, considerably longer to refine the content.

It does mean that we will need to carefully monitor both the situation on the ground and any announcements on proposed Government actions. Critically we are expecting the PM’s announcements on the principles behind any proposed relaxation of lockdown in the next few days. These are not expected to be radically different from, or much more detailed than, those already made public by the devolved Governments.

This assumption may of course prove to be wrong and we may get very clear guidance, potentially including critical planning assumptions like timelines, processes and “rules and requirement” by sectors?  Whatever is said will be headline news on the day and analysed to death everywhere thereafter, so it will not be easily missed by any of us.

Any further comments you may have on the original draft would still  be very welcome. I may or may not share the final draft late next week or early the week after; depending on the feedback I get on the need to recirculate. Views please.


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