7 May VB and VE recovery proposals

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Yesterday VisitBritain and VisitEngland made public their joint proposal to the Government, entitled: Helping the tourism industry recover from covid-19.

It is a very good document, covering all the key areas of concern that have been exercising member destination’s minds for the last 2 months or more and proposes a range of eminently sensible, higher level actions by the UK’s Westminster Government.

The proposals relate directly to England, some of the elements are, by default, UK matters, or if not, they could help influence or support already developed thinking within the devolved Governments.  As the key theme is domestic recovery leading the way, what happens, or doesn’t happen in England  regarding tourism, leisure and the visitor economy, on both the supply and demand side will impact directly or indirectly on the other home nations; if only because c  55m of the c 65.5m UK population and a relatively large proportion of the product, are based in England.  Moreover, for the average domestic tourist, internal UK borders are essentially meaningless, unless of course UK wide covid-19 recovery plans set out to physically change that, which is of course all but inconceivable.

For those in England I would urge you to consider sharing the document with your key business partner, if not the wider business community, with aim of establishing and demonstrating broader grass roots support:

Helping the tourism industry recover from Covid 5 May PDF



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