14 May, new research library, new papers and new campaign to consider supporting

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Three things:

As promised, I have created a separate Covid-19 research, statistic and paper section within the British Destination research and statistics library. A simple one pager with documents in descending date order. Any additions, including national papers I have missed or local data you are willing to share would be welcomed. Access it from the “C19 research” main menu tab of Britishdestinations.net or go direct to the page at: https://britishdestinations.net/c19-research/

A couple of very recent papers of immediate note are included at the top of this page (read the rest at your leisure):

  • From Andrew Keeling at Hotels Solutions an Hotels an excellent paper specifically on the hotel and visitor accommodation sector. Andrew I believe is taking comments with a view to updating this study as events progress: andrew@hotelsolutions.org.uk
  • A report from McKinsey on tourism recovery in China and potential lessons for the rest of the world.
  • And a paper/letter from the Tourism Society to the Chair of the DCMS Select Committee putting forward the case for an inquiry in to the adequacy of support to the tourism industry and England. Given that British Destinations fronted the industry wide campaign that sadly failed to stop the VisitEngland being revered back into VisitBritain with a significantly reduced role and remit and given that we have campaigned for recognition of the true roles and critical functions of Destination Management Organisations and support for functioning network of DMO across England, I can’t believe that British Destination members would not wish us to support this campaign and where appropriate also support it themselves.

It should be noted that the request for an inquiry is an in addition to the ongoing, delayed inquiry into the reaction to covid-19 of DCMS and their agencies across DCMS’s full portfolio.  This inquiry gives an opportunity to make similar comment but it will be but one area within one sector of a much, wider inquiry.  The new deadline for that inquiry remains 19 June 20.

For those of you wishing to consider lending you own weigh to the Tourism Society’s efforts the to obtain a specific inquiry into the supporting structures for tourism in England here is the text of the explanatory note sent to Tourism Society members (membership isn’t a prerequisite of supporting their campaign):

The Tourism Society’s recent online workshops to establish how best to support the UK’s tourism businesses have revealed a common theme: the current structure in England is not conducive to an effective rebuild of the tourism economy post Covid-19.

The pandemic’s swift and severe impact on the tourism sector highlights the weaknesses from the lack of a well-financed and clear tourism structure in England.  The disparity in resources between DMOs has led to a high variation in the level of support they can offer their businesses.  Addressing this is crucial if we are to ensure that our industry can recover swiftly and sustainably.

To underpin the recovery of the economy we recommend the strengthening of the English tourism structure through high yield, sustainable growth.  As our attached Call to Government paper explains, England’s tourism sector needs much stronger leadership and better coordination if its economy is to recover, rebuild and become more resilient.

I have sent the paper (linked here) to the Chair of the DCMS select Committee with the suggestion that the committee undertake an inquiry into the subject, his contact details are: julian.knight.mp@parliament.uk

I would be grateful for your support in this matter by contacting him, supporting our request for an inquiry and asking your members to contact their local MPs using the text in this email and the attached document if they wish too. MP email addresses can be found through this link: https://members.parliament.uk/members/Commons

If you have any questions please contact me either through the Society or his personal email address is   kevin.kaley@tourismukltd.com

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Kevin Kaley FTS, MIH


The Tourism Society



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