15 May Update Discretionary Grant Scheme (England)

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Yesterday, 14 May, BEIS issued guidance to local authorities in England on the Discretionary Grant Scheme first announced on 2 May (original announcement).  This has allowed those authorities to firm up and further develop their local approaches. Like the original grant scheme the discretionary scheme is hospitality and leisure orientated.

I am aware that designing schemes to meet differing local circumstance, on differing scales with different amounts of money available, is proving more problematic than might have at first appeared. Moreover, local discretion may unintentionally create anomalies that could cause local friction once the details of differing approaches in other authority areas become more widely known?

If we can help by sharing in confidence, any areas of concern, proposed approaches or anything that might assist members with the creation of robust and subsequently more easily defend solutions then please let know.  A potential subject for a Team/Zoom conference call if there is sufficient interest?

The guidance can be accessed here: local-authority-discretionary-grants-fund-guidance-local-government


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