Early outbreak management business advice (England)

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Public Health England have produced a series of action cards for different business types explaining the steps to be taken for early outbreak management involving staff customers or both. The detail is similar within each but they are branded and targeted at specific sectors.  The cards are a useful tool to help businesses understand what is and will be expected of them now and a handy aide memoire if unfortunately, they need to put the advice in to action at some later date. Businesses should be encouraged to access and print off the detail. They apply to businesses in England only.

Although relatively easy to access it isn’t intuitive, nor necessarily quick to locate specific sector files, in three different download sections and multiple sub-file some of them contain.  I have therefore set up page on Britishdestinations.net giving a quick briefing and containing the 11 most relevant action cards to the visitor economy:


The Public Health England page which contains a briefing on the purpose of the action cards and gives access to all 17 sector specific cards is at:



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