Selective area lock down in some areas of Northern England

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I have already made representations to DCMS and other about the appalling sloppy use of language by other department regarding selective area lock downs (my terminology) announce late yesterday and earlier today in certain areas of Northern England (Manchester, East Lancashire and West Yorkshire to be more precise) which has then for some extraordinary reason repeatedly described as the “North West England lock down”, including within some of VB/VE own (thankfully industry facing) notifications late this afternoon.

The inaccurate geographic description picked up and repeated by the media has resulted in chaos across the larger proportion of the English North West which is unaffected (or was, until the poor use of language was picked up and repeated)  and also in both the wider Yorkshire and Lancashire Counties, as very few people understand the difference between East Lancashire and the rest of Lancashire, or West Yorkshire and the rest of Yorkshire.  Indeed many others don’t really know where those two Counties start and end, so there is a knock-on to areas on both the Northern and Southerly County boundaries.  The major damage has probably been done, however hopeful someone in authority and with the reach to do so may yet at least try and unpick the unintentional damage done thus far.

The guidance for these new lock down areas has been updated several times today. The critical addition this afternoon was the guidance for those planning to holiday in the restricted areas and for those from those 3 areas intending to travel elsewhere for holidays outside them. It is permissible but with caveats the application and enforcement of which may still prove problematic, especially at almost no notice, during the coming peak holiday week, which for many physically starts today or tomorrow.

Can I holiday in this area, or visit shops, leisure facilities, or cafes in it?

Yes. However, you must avoid socialising with people indoors when doing so.

I live in the area. Can I leave the area to go on holiday?

You should not travel outside of this area to meet people in their homes or gardens. You can still go on holiday, but you should only do this with people you live with (or have formed a support bubble with).

Although not absolutely explicit I believe day trips are covered in part at least by the second half of the  sentence.  I can see no other reference to day leisure travel outside a restricted area:

 I live in this area. Can I still go to cafes, restaurants, the gym and other public places?

Yes. But you should only go with members of your own household if indoors – even if you are going outside of the restricted area.

The full list of restriction and permissible actions is at (note the NW error is repeated in the link title):

And the base document at:




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